Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why outsource your janitorial services?

• tailored cleaning services to your needs and budget
• peace of mind knowing that our cleaning staff is insured and bonded
• headache-free staffing with bonded and insured workers
• consistently, well-kept facilities that enhance a company's image
• provide a healthier work environment
2. How important is it to have your janitorial service provider to be insured and bonded?

The owner of a company remarked, “My former janitorial service almost put me out of business," to another business owner. He then told what happened . . .

Our insurance company sent an auditor in to verify our wages for workers’ compensation coverage. While looking through our files, the auditor asked to see the Certificate of Insurance for all of our service providers. That is when we discovered the janitorial service company we had been using for years was using independent contractors. The people who were cleaning our building were not their own employees. As a result, we were assessed the full amount of our janitorial service contract as wages.

The net result? We had to pay workers’ compensation for their workers! Needless to say, our workers’ compensation premiums skyrocketed and we began looking for another cleaning company. We switched to ServiceMaster Janitorial Cleaning Services. They use their own employees to clean our facilities and they pay the workers’ compensation. ServiceMaster takes the risk off my shoulders. Not only has ServiceMaster saved us money, but their employees are insured and bonded. They have given us GREAT service. They deliver the quality we want at a price we can afford.

Don’t let this happen to you!
Call 770-948-4006 OR 770 486-6485 today for a survey. We will supply you with a Certificate of Insurance with us.
3. How much does it cost for an estimate of our services?

It is FREE! 
4. What should you do if you spill something on the carpet?

Call us at 770-948-4006 OR 770 486-6485. Over the counter stain removers usually set the stain. It is best to leave it alone and let ServiceMaster get out the stain.

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