Where did they come from? 
Why are they so prevalent in the Fall?

Cobwebs can definitely be considered a work of art, but they are actually spider webs that have been abandoned. You can tell if they are abandoned because the web is shapeless, torn down and gathering dust. A cobweb may also have collected fragments of webs from other parts of the office. It can also be a fragment of material a jumping spider uses to jump from place to place to hide eggs. From afar, cobwebs can look like a small, white cloudy area. Even if you don't see any actual spiders in your office, if you find yourself dealing with cobwebs, there's a big chance that you may have them.

Removing cobwebs is easy - let us know where they are and we will make sure we remove them. Sometimes they are hard to find when it gets dark so if you can give us an idea of where they are, we can remove them quicker. We use mini-flashlights to find them and then we wipe them down with a microfiber cloth and vacuum the surrounding space. 

A secret to keep them from returning is to use a dryer sheet when removing them, OR to call your local exterminator.

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